Marilyn Monroe porcelain doll Petticoat

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Marilyn Monroe Porcelain Doll from Franklin Mint

We've seen her in movies. On television. In magazines. But rarely has the REAL Marilyn Monroe™ been portrayed as she is in this amazing porcelain collector doll! Captured just as she looked in one of her most famous photographs, taken in 1954 when she was a rising young starlet. From the perfectly sculpted body and painted nails to her soft curls, the doll bears an amazing resemblance to the legend we remember. Lovingly crafted in the finest porcelain with genuine hand-applied eyelashes. Delicately painted by hand. Each doll is individually hand-numbered. And unlike any doll you've ever seen, Marilyn™ is posed seated on an elegant silvery bench. She's dressed to perfection in a white gossamer tulle gown, every detail authentically re-created from the original photograph. Fully authorized by the Estate of Marilyn Monroe.
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