Family Dog-"Rorschach Test" Poster

Family Dog, "Rorschach Test" Poster POSTERFD113-WW


Family Dog, "Rorschach Test" Poster - Acts: Blues Project, It's A Beautiful Day & Nazz-Are Blues Band - Location: Avalon Ballroom - Date:4/5-7, 1968 - Artist: Wes Wilson - Classic rock posters have become an art form in themselves. Concert posters and those of individual rock artists of the 60' s to the present day, are highly sought after and rare. Many are signed by the artist and are numbered limited editions. Headlines has a long tradition of providing a select representation of these beautiful investment quality works of art. Posters from some of the more prolific artists include the works of Stanley Mouse, Rick Griffin, Bob Masse, Victor Moscosso, Alton Kelly, Herb Greene, Mark Arminski, Frank Kozik and Peter Max. Presented here are just a few of the hundreds of rare posters available at Headlines.Prices range from $50-$1000. - NOTE: Call us and leave if you are interested in this poster E-mail

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