Betty Boop collectibles

Yes, it's true - Betty Boop began her career as a dog! Betty Boop made her debut as a sexy canine cabaret singer in the Max Fleischer short "Dizzy Dishes" on Aug. 8, 1930. By 1932 Boop Boop had evolved, and her floppy dog ears had become Betty's earrings. Betty Boop's beginings were quite risque and ahead of her time. In 1933 the short "Boilesque" was banned in Philadelphia for being too risque. By 1934, due to moralist pressure, Betty began showing far less leg. The Betty Boop series ended with the release of "Yip Yip Yippy" in 1939. Here you will find fabulous Betty Boop Collectibles, bobble heads, figurines, tables, lamps and memorabilia.!